Hyper Fund global

Who are Hyper Fund Global?

Hyper Fund are the 4th pillar of the giant hyper Tech group

Hyper Tech group company links


The document above links to a whitepaper on HyperCash. If there were any doubts about the Hyper Tech Group then this whitepaper should dispel those doubts. 

No company would ever go to the trouble of producing such a highly technical 32 page document just to deceive.

Its simply unrealistic and goes to prove how genuine this company is in the blockchain workplace.

See what Dizzy Taylor thinks about Hyper Fund

Dizzy Taylor was a Manchester hairdresser when his hairdressing business collapsed when Covid shut him down. 

He couldn’t meet the bank repayments he was committed to and was on the edge of bankruptcy.

He was introduced to HyperFund in April 2020 and now he’s a V5 HyperFund crypto millionaire.

His story is not unique.

HyperFund is changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The 3 other core companies comprising HyperTech - all registered with the A.S.I.C.

Hyper Fund Global

Blockchain Global

Collinstar proof


Hcash foundation proof

Hcash Foundation

The Founder - ryan xu

Ryan Xu Founder

Ryan Xu and his partners are the driving force behind Hyper Tech and Hyper Fund Global and Ryan is seldom out of the news.
Other than being considered to be the King of Cryptocurrency, Ryan began his career as a nuclear power plant engineer but was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and saw the potential of blockchain technology.





The 4 pillars of Hyper Tech

1. Blockchain Global

What Blockchain Global do
Sam Lee Founder
Sam Lee

2. CollinStar

Ryan Xu founder

Founded in 2014 by Ryan Xu

3. Hcash foundation

Hcash Foundation
Hcash Foundation

4. HyperFund - the 4th pillar

Hyper Fund 1
Hyper Fund 2
Hyper Fund 3

Why Hyper Fund global need members - Ryan Xu's vision

Why you should consider joining Hyper fund global

Cryptocurrency map

Ryan Xu believes in cryptocurrency.

300+ million crypto users worldwide represents just 3.9%.

He wants members to spread the word about crypto currency and he wants 30 million registered members all using the services provided by Hyper Tech before they launch their I.P.O. and float on the stock exchange.

So he needs members and he’s prepared to reward everyone and anyone who joins the company.


The rewards program

Hyper Fund use their own rewards “currency” which is called HU. 1 x HU is equivalent to $1.

All rewards are earned and paid in HU which can be exchanged for Molecular Future (MOF) and sent to your digital wallet where they can be converted to BITCOIN or any other digital asset.


Membership rewards

Hyper Fund rewards

Community rewards

Hyper Fund community rewards

A unique and unmissable opportunity

These rewards are the tip of the iceberg of the advantages offered by being a member of Hyper Fund. Hyper Tech have their own bank, their own digital currency, their own cryptocurrency exchanges, they shall soon have their own social media platform, their own instant messaging service, their own live video streaming. There’s the possibility of being offered tokens pre-launch before CollinStar deliver a companies I.C.O. the opportunities and advantages never stop coming.

Hyper Tech’s Mars Mall has already launched.

 Do not miss out on this opportunity – there is simply nothing that comes close to the benefits offered by being a member of this exceptional company.

 If you would like more information about anything you have read on this website or you feel you are ready to join Hyper Fund Global then please email me using the link below or message me on WhatsApp. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime major documentary "Next blockchain"

As part of a major blockchain/cryptocurrency documentary from Amazon Prime Episode 6 featured “The Players”. Ryan Xu and Sam Lee featured on this documentary. 

Leading cryptocurrency wallet developers

On the App Store

Hyper Pay App

Hyper Pay is Hyper Tech’s banking app where you can earn 10% interest on your crypto and has the worlds only $25,000 a day VISA backed spend


Hoo Exchange App

The Hoo Exchange is Hyper Tech’s cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade cryptocurrency or simply convert your crypto


The Molecular Future (MOF) App is where you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency by purchasing many crypto plans.

Meet the members

Here is a sample of the hundreds of members of Hyper Fund whose lives have been transformed by this exciting company.


Meet some of the countless thousands of Hyper Fund members who are prospering since gbecoming a member of Hyper Fund.

Meet Dizzy Taylor whose Manchester hairdressing business was closed as a result of Covid – within 15 months of joining Hyper Fund he was a V5 millionaire member.

Su Patel a single mum from the UK was another Covid victim as her human resources business collapsed. She put the last of her money into Hyper Fund and is now earning $3000 A DAY!!!

 If you would like more information about anything you have read on this website or you feel you are ready to join Hyper Fund Global then please email me using the link below or message me on WhatsApp. 

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