important notes about this website

disclaimer summary

I am a member of Hyper Fund but I am not a fnancial advisor and the  recommendations of this website should not be looked upon as financial advice, it is information only.

The decision I took to become a member Hyper Fund, I took, having carried out due diligence on the Hyper Tech Group.

I was satisfied that the Hyper Tech Group (consisting of Blockchain Global, CollinStar and Hyper BC all of whom are registered with the ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) were a credible, well established group of companies with exceptional due diligence and Hyper Fund presented a unique opportunity for financial gain through their membership rewards program.


Cryptocurrency has yet to be accepted universally by mainstream financial institutions and Governments and has to be considered as “a working project”.

No-one knows what the future of cryptocurrency is although it seems more likely to survive and thrive than disappear.

I am confident that the Hyper Tech group are at the forefront of blockchain development and that if cryptocurrency does survive and flourishes then there is no better company than Hyper Tech to be associated with.

This is only my opinion.

Please do your own due diligence on Hyper Tech and only purchase membership rewards packs that you can afford.